Perhaps you’ve considered digitalising the payment at your garage but aren’t sure whether or not it’s the right decision for you. Maybe working with a partner seems like it would be more of a hassle than a benefit. If that’s how you’re thinking, here are a few things to take into consideration.

Easy in, easy out

Offering a standard way for customers to access your lot, and an easy to use digital payment solution are two ways of increasing occupancy. If you choose to invest in an automated solution such as cameras that scan licence plates on the ways in and out of the garage, you eliminate the hassle of manual payments, which saves the customer time and reduces operating costs for your garage. Easy payments means better in-flow and out-flow, not only increasing your occupancy, but since drivers appreciate this flow of entry and exit in garages, it helps enhance your credibility as a trusted secure and easy place to park.

Become one with the city

To an outsider it may seem as though a private parking operator is in direct conflict as a competitor to a city parking program. We see things differently. We know that drivers waste time searching for a parking spot as they are trying to get to their destinations on time. To that problem we see a solution. Private parking operators are therefore an important part of the city’s ecosystem and infrastructure. They can unburden the traffic load in search of a parking space and reduce congestion. Parking operators thereby provide an important service connecting people to destinations around the city. That helps make urban life easier by showing drivers where to find available parking spots during peak times such as sporting events and concerts, and near museums, restaurants, and other popular destinations. In doing so, garages are part of fostering a connection between the vibrancy and culture of the city and its citizens.

Saving time

As EasyPark users, drivers not only save time, but are also able to park as close as possible to their destination, with the lowest corresponding time to find a spot on the street. Alternatively, they can choose to avoid spending time on searching by being guided straight to a garage. Saving time is repeatedly mentioned as the number one priority when it comes to parking.

Since 2001, our award-winning smart parking services have been helping drivers find and pay for parking in 500 cities in 10 markets. On a larger scale, our technology also helps parking operators with administration, planning and management. We are currently working with more than 250 parking operators and the demand for our services is growing rapidly.

The outreach challenge

Most of the parking operators we have worked with over the years describe their number one struggle as being outreach. Garages typically don’t have ways of reaching consumers, like newsletters, Facebook pages, or frequent flyer cards. In Europe today, only about 20% of parking is done off-street. We need to reach the remaining 80% of drivers who are on street, circling around looking for parking. We want to connect those drivers with available parking spaces – parking spaces in YOUR lot or garage - through realtime navigation. EasyPark is a channel through which you can reach potential users. All you’ve got to do is be in the right location. We’ll make sure that people know where to find you and that you have parking spots available. This will help create awareness of your location, help you increase your occupancy, and attract new customers. This is the solution to the outreach challenge. Partnering with EasyPark translates to increased occupancy rates for your garage.

Satisfied EasyPark users become your happy customers, enjoying ease of use and ease of mind, and easy parking.