Imagine a cleaner, greener, and more livable city, free from congestion and associated pollution. A city where traffic flows easily and parking is widely available, reducing both the number of cars circling around looking for somewhere to park, and the need for physical inventory in the form of pay parking stations. Instead, the average driver wastes over 100 hours a year to traffic congestion, 30 hours of which include looking for a place to park. Put another way, that’s nearly three full work weeks a year wasted looking for parking! This waste of time, congestion, and pollution puts a tremendous financial burden on society - up to 2 trillion dollars a year globally. The world’s urban population is growing, and the number of drivers in cities is increasing rapidly. At the same time, the number of on-street parking spaces are being reduced in many cities, which is creating a problem of supply and demand.

EasyPark aims to be part of solving that problem by providing cities with a digital parking ecosystem, where data can be utilized for the purpose of showing available parking spots. This system enables better space utilization, reduced congestion, and reduced pollution. This in turn creates cities that are easy to move around in and functional to their full potential.

We call this Parking Excellence.

With Parking Excellence, we aim to make your city a friendly place to move around in, as well as minimize overheads on the parking-related administration cities face.

We also aim to enable more effective and efficient parking enforcement by supporting the transition of moving into digital enforcement. As digital enforcement reduces or eliminates the need for physical windshield checks, we offer a digital permit solution that makes it easier for parking customers to acquire or extend a permit. How? We don’t believe that a city gets smart just from big data; we believe in smart data. In other words, it’s all about how the data is connected, interpreted, presented and used. Using digitalized parking technology, we can help you reach a perfect balance between driver demand and parking supply. Available parking spaces can be found and utilized optimally, making urban life easier for citizens, businesses and institutions alike. By guiding drivers directly to available parking, traffic congestion is reduced significantly which makes your city more liveable in every way.


The road to parking excellence in your city is easy.

So imagine a city with a fully digitalized parking system. A city where the relevant data from parking is collected, interpreted, presented, and used in one place, making all aspects of parking-related administration much more effective and efficient. Imagine a city without congestion, where traffic flows efficiently and pollution is reduced. And imagine offering your citizens a service that gives them 30 hours of their life back each year, while saving them untold amounts of frustration and stress.

Imagine that this was your city. And it could be, easy.