Parking Marketing Academy

Parking Marketing Academy

Every service or product needs effective marketing in order to succeed, and the parking industry is no exception. It can be difficult for Parking Garage Operators to stand out, and make their offering known to the residents and visitors to their area, so here are a few tips on how to maximise the marketing potential for your parking offering.

Connect with your local area

Rather than just offering a place to park, offer a solution to a problem. If there are events coming up in a nearby area, make the most of the marketing opportunity and offer your service to those who will likely need it. For people to park in your spaces, they need to know they exist.

You can stay on top of what’s happening by following events on social media, and even get involved with groups to highlight the fact that you can offer a convenient, safe parking option for people who need to leave their vehicles while they enjoy whatever’s happening nearby.

This is particularly useful if there’s a larger event near your garage, like a football match or a concert. These can create huge surges of traffic, and in turn, congestion. If drivers know where they can park before they arrive, it means less traffic on the roads, less congestion, and more time for the people to enjoy the event with minimal stress.

Improving flow in and out of garages

One of the most frustrating things for anyone looking for a parking space is to be faced with a huge queue when they arrive at a garage. Worse still, when eager to get home, there can be queues on the way out, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

If you embrace the possibilities of a fully connected parking garage, your potential customers will know how many spaces are available, and where to find them. If they can plan ahead and see what’s available, they find their spot quicker, and take up less time driving around the restricted lanes of your garage. Less driving in the garage means less traffic, which means less queues. All of this will improve the flow of cars both in and out of your garage, and maximise your revenue.

Alternative payments help with outreach

The fundamental point of providing a parking solution is the offer of convenience. You want the driver to have as simple an experience as possible, where they can just leave their car somewhere safe and cost-effective, before going on to enjoy whatever it is that brought them to the area.

Why stop at making the act of parking itself convenient? With smartphones and apps so common, and people using their mobiles to pay for anything and everything, why not offer alternative methods for the drivers to pay for their parking? Some will prefer to pay in cash, some card, and some will want to pay before they arrive at the parking location, so it’s a good idea to try and cater for each potential customer so you can maximise your income.

Attract business users

Parking garages are not just for individuals. Businesses without their own parking facilities, or those growing companies in need of extra space, can form partnerships with local parking garage operators. If done in the right way, everyone involved wins.

The garage operator generates a more stable revenue, the employer can guarantee parking for their staff, and the employees can drive to work safe in the knowledge that when they arrive, they will have somewhere to leave their car.

These partnerships are made easier with apps like EasyPark, too. This allows the employees to check where’s best to park, and if there are spaces available, as well as allowing the operator to efficiently manage payments and track usage of their garage. Rather than the employees paying, and then claiming back on expenses, the employers could pay the garages directly through EasyPark.


This is just a few tips to get started. In the coming months, we’ll go into each marketing opportunity in more detail, and give examples of how these methods have worked all over the world. With our Marketing Academy, you can streamline and optimise your parking offering, and make the most of its potential.