Changes in the SMS parking service

mobilePark is joining the EasyPark group, a leader within the mobile parking services covering more than 800 cities in Europe, among them 300 Italian cities, 14 cities in Austria, over 120 cities in Germany as well as several cities in other Southern, Central and Northern European countries.

The SMS parking service provided by EasyPark will work in the same way as the mobilePark SMS service you have used previously. The service is also provided to you free of any charges, as it was with your mobilePark agreement.

However, you should note that due to the new technical set up the area codes will change when moving from mobilePark to EasyPark. Click here to see the complete list of the new area codes per city and area. Correct area code can also be found from the EasyPark sticker at the parking meter.

Even easier parking with the EasyPark app

EasyPark also offers an app that is used by millions of drivers all over Europe every day. With the app you can save time and money as well as forget all about area codes and parking meters. Start, Stop and Prolong your parking directly from your phone – wherever you are!

The app will remind you when your parking is about to expire so you can stop worrying about parking, we will do it for you.

It’s this simple to park with the app

It's very simple to park with the EasyPark app. Here’s how it works:

1. The app will automatically locate you (all you need to do is to confirm the selected area on the map which you can see on the pink bar on top of the screen)

2. Select your parking time by spinning the wheel and press "start parking" inside the wheel

3. You are done! At any time you can stop or, if necessary, prolong your parking session. Just spin the wheel to choose the new end time or press "stop" inside the wheel and only pay for the exact time you parked.