Charging and parking go hand in hand

Charging an EV (Electric Vehicle) also means parking it. What EasyPark can offer drivers of EV:s is one single interface for convenient start, stop and extending of charging and parking transactions. Keeping both charging and parking together in one user flow means there is no need for dual user interfaces and separate flows and for drivers used to mobile parking the change of user behaviour is none. Through EasyPark’s wide coverage, EV drivers can be offered a convenient parking experience, even when they are not charging their vehicle.


Parking attendants can check payment status for a car being charged through the following interfaces: Personal Digital Assistant with Automatic Number Plate Recognition support (PDA/ANPR), mobile web and IVR. EasyPark’s IT platform, holding all transactions, is connected to the majority of all enforcement systems.

The charging experience

 The user experience starts off with a one-minute registration flow, either through one of the smartphone apps, the web or a call to the call centre. When registering for an EasyPark account, the driver is offered a broad range of payment options. After registration, the user can easily access the charging station through smartphone apps, IVR, SMS and the web. Based on GPS position the user selects a pole, and can then start, stop and extend charging and parking as desired. When the user picks up the car, the billing process is initiated ensuring that the billed amount for charging and parking respectively is floated to the right destination(s).

The payment flow

 The heart of EasyPark’s business, for parking as well as for charging, is the IT platform – EasyPark Intelligent Cloud (EPIC) – where all the transactions are held and billing is processed. What EasyPark offers charging station providers, such as cities, parking operators, car pools or hotels, is a cloud-based and highly secure payment and billing flow which can be implemented towards any kind of charging station, either directly towards the pole or a pole back-end. Since the payments will go through one of EasyPark’s user interfaces, poles can be mounted at the charging stations without any need of installing and maintaining physical payment stations and/or handling coins. In cases where no money is received from the customer, pole providers do not need to worry about not getting paid, EasyPark covers the full credit risk.

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