Mobile Paid Parking

For more than 10 years, EasyPark has offered payment solutions for drivers all over Europe. We serve millions of drivers every month and are proud to be the biggest provider in Europe in terms of both users and coverage.

By making parking so much easier for our end-users, we are doing our bit to improve the convenience and efficiency of their everyday lives. The solutions we develop are designed for both private individuals as well as companies, regardless of parking frequency or geographical location.


We provide the customer with several alternatives for starting, stopping or extending their parking session:

EasyPark App - Available for iOS, Android and Windows. The EasyPark app is without a doubt in the front seat of technological development globally and is constantly updated with new improved functions and features. Already today the app is loved by millions of people across our 10 markets.

In-Car Payment - Enabling drivers to find and pay for parking directly from the navigation system of the car. EasyPark has also established partnerships with international brands for in-car payments such as Volvo, Car2Go and DriveNow. We currently have partnerships with telecommunications giants Telia and Telenor, to deliver On-Board-Devices (OBD) which make in-car payments even easier for older vehicles.

Web - The customer can go online to track transactions, parking history, order new stickers, leave feedback, etc.

SMS - The SMS service is the perfect solution for users without smartphones. The user simply sends an SMS to our system stating their license-plate, area-code where they are parking and for how long.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - This service is an excellent alternative for customers without a smartphone.


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