The Parking Dashboard provides a macro-view of the entire parking ecosystem and brings you unparalleled insights into parking behavior. We help you benefit from the data you collect by connecting, relating, interpreting and presenting it in one simple interface.

The Dashboard allows you to take full control of your operations, by seeing everything from above. It gives you inputs to decide your pricing, zoning, restrictions and durations, as our occupancy data allows you to see the actual effect of your current setups. Bringing data on occupancy together with zoning and pricing on a macro-level, gives you an easy overview of your current state of operations, and allows you to take more informed decisions to improve the parking situation in your city.

Where does the data come from?

The more digitalized your parking eco-system is, the more data and thereby information you will get from the parking dashboard. The data comes from all the digital inputs you have in your eco-system, so mobile paid parking, digital P&D’s, digital permits, digital enforcement and automated in-car payments.

Together, this data forms your digital eco-system, and by choosing the EasyPark SmartHUB to absorb your data, you make sure all inputs can be visualized in the Dashboard.


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