During the last 5 years, Mobile Paid Parking has exploded across Europe. This has also meant more sources of digital inputs in the parking eco-system, thereby initially increasing the complexity of enforcement, as response-times of “check-parking” have been increased significantly. Without a SmartHUB, it’s not unusual to see response-times for each check of more than 4 seconds. With the SmartHUB this is reduced to always be less than 1 second. Apart from meaning more efficient enforcement from day 1, it also allows you to implement ANPR-based control, through scan-cars for example.

The Smarthub serves as the one place where all inputs from your operations are collected, stored and sent to the handheld devices used to do “check-parking”.

To establish a digital ecosystem, the SmartHUB is basically all you need to build your foundation. Each supplier in the eco-system integrates to the SmartHUB and all data is automatically stored in the system.

Remember that by choosing the EasyPark SmartHUB you also get the full overview of your operations, since we are visualizing your data through the Parking Dashboard

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